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What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber is a voluntary membership organization of business firms, public officials, non-profits and professional people whose primary interest is in publicizing, promoting, and developing commercial and industrial opportunities in their local area, and usually also community livability.

What is the purpose of the Chamber?

The Chamber’s mission is to promote a thriving business climate that enhances local economic vitality and community livability.

What does the Chamber do?

The Chamber works towards fulfilling its mission by promoting the community and local businesses through advertising, events and education. The Chamber connects businesses with customers or with other businesses. The Chamber works to identify issues that may inhibit business growth and outlines strategies to overcome them.

How is the Chamber funded?

The Chamber is funded through membership dues, event fees and advertising fees. The Chamber does not receive any government funding excepting those entities that choose to join and pay dues.

Who can join the Chamber?

Any business located in, or wanting to do business in, the Santiam Canyon may join the Chamber. Individuals and non-profits may also join.

What does membership cost?

There are a variety of membership options ranging from Basic membership for small business just starting out to our Cornerstone membership for the businesses that are the pillars of the community. Look over the membership packages under the Chamber menu, Online Application.

How does the Chamber connect me to other businesses?

The main way to meet and greet other local businesses is through our weekly Greeters events. You can look at the schedule of events to see when and where the next one is. Any local business is invited to attend three Greeters before joining the Chamber. We also participate in the Santiam Young Professionals. This event is organized by GROW-EDC and is targeted towards business professionals and community leaders under the age of 40. These events happen once a month, just check the calendar of events. If you are looking to make a specific connection, just call the Chamber office and we will help in any way we can.

How can Chamber membership benefit my business?

The Chamber is always working for local business, whether it’s working to reopen the railroad spur or promoting the community as a place to visit and relocate to. The Chamber works for you, even when you don’t have time to participate.

The specific benefits to your business depend on your business needs. The packages are tailored to fit the needs of businesses in a variety of stages of growth.

The Market package is great for businesses looking to promote their business. It offers added advertising and networking opportunities.

The Growth package is for businesses that are past the start-up stage and looking for ways to grow and make a difference. This package offers opportunities to connect with Chamber leadership and create brand awareness.

The Influence package is for community investors, businesses that have grown up in this community and want to give back. Businesses in this tier want to further the economic vitality in the community and feel that the Chamber is the vehicle in which to do this.

The Cornerstone package is for community stakeholders, businesses that feel they have a vested interest in the vitality of the community. These businesses recognize the work that goes into growing and improving a community. They want to contribute to organizations that actively work towards that goal.

Can I sign up for membership online?

After looking over the membership packages and deciding which one best fits your businesses needs, simply fill out the Online Application. Once your application is received and processed you will receive an invoice which you can pay by check or online.