Five Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter Driving

Five Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter Driving

Whether you’re headed through the woods to grandmother’s house or planning a ski weekend getaway, ’tis the season for driving in snow, ice and rain. Before you hit the road, follow these five important tips to ensure a safe journey:

  1. Check your tires. Having the right pressure and traction in winter weather is a must for proper handling.
  2. Replace wiper blades. If your blades leave streaks or miss spots, it’s time for new ones. Also make sure you have enough washer fluid that won’t freeze in the reservoir.
  3. Ensure the battery is working properly. Check all cable connections and make sure there’s no corrosion on the terminals. Consider replacing an old battery before it fails.
  4. Be sure all lights are clean, bright and working properly. If your plastic lens headlights are dull or don’t provide enough light, consider a Headlight Restoration as an effective, less expensive alternative to replacing the headlights.
  5. Check your antifreeze — both the amount of fluid and the fluid’s freeze protection level. Worn-out fluid may not protect against freezing or overheating and can lead to costly engine damage. Learn more about your vehicle’s cooling system and the benefits of Cooling System Flush service.

To be sure you have these areas covered, get a full safety inspection from a reputable service center. For example, Oil Can Henry’s Famous 20-Point Full-Service Oil Change includes a free inspection of your lights, battery, wipers, brake fluid, air filters, PCV valve, and Serpentine Belt. They also check and fill your windshield wash, coolant, transfer case fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and tires.

It’s worth taking time to service your car before a road trip, so you don’t end up stuck on the road in bad weather.

-Jill Peters, Oil Can Henry’s 

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