How to Get the Most of Greeters

How to get the most out of your Greeters experience

Greeters is about creating relationships, a network of friends, neighbors and fellow business owners to collaborate and assist.

  • Speak carefully and clearly, speak loud enough that people in the back row may hear you.
  • Keep it focused. For your first Greeters, just name, company name and a quick sentence on what it is your company does—your ‘elevator speech’. For subsequent Greeters, keep things fresh, focus on what is new and exciting in your business–if you have a sale, hired a new person, or expanded.
  • Bring materials. If you have extensive news to share then bring materials to leave on the table. With the amount of news shared during a Greeters people are unable to retain all of it, if you leave materials they make take them back to the office for future reference.
  • Listen respectfully. Greeters is about creating relationships, a good listener is someone people feel is friendly and respectful.
  • Give kudos to fellow members. Saying thank you reflects positively on your reputation and theirs, showing that you’ve both had a good business transaction.
  • Plan time accordingly. A lot of the business done at Greeters happens before or after the official event. Don’t just plan on coming and saying your bit, stay after or come sooner to create new relationships.
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