Legislative Updates

Dear OSCC Members & Colleagues:


Here are the updates on key OSCC House bills (including this morning’s committees).


House Bill 3377 – mandatory flexible scheduling – did not move.  Dead.


House Bill 2764 – increased attorney fees in workers’ comp cases, 5% increase in workers’ comp costs – passed the House Business Committee this morning on a 6-5 vote.


House Bill 2386 – BOLI “cease and desist” authority – passed the House Business Committee again this morning on a 6-5 vote.  OSCC will initiate grassroots on this bill.  Although the bill was amended, it was not improved.


House Bill 3025 – the “ban the box” bill which prohibits employers from conducting criminal background checks on prospective employees, passed the House Business Committee this morning on a 6-5 vote.   The bill was amended, but it’s still a bad bill.  OSCC will conduct an analysis of the new bill, however, it is likely that OSCC will initiate grassroots on this bill.


All House Bills that increased the minimum wage (HB 2008, HB 2009, HB 2012) were kept alive and moved to the House Rules Committee.  This was a particularly unwelcome development.


Senate Committees are meeting and voting this afternoon, so we will have an update for you late this afternoon on Senate Bills.



J.L. Wilson


Public Affairs Counsel

503-363-7084 (o)

503-569-8054 (c)


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