School District Creates Culture of Leadership

NSSD BondThe North Santiam School District, through a Collaboration Grant from the Oregon Department of Education, has designed Career Pathways in order to create a culture of leadership where teachers and administrators have opportunities to lead within their buildings and throughout the district. The district believes that the intrinsic value established through the creation of these leadership opportunities will attract and retain teachers and administrators. Increasing student achievement by increasing educator effectiveness is the central focus of the district’s Career Pathway design.

Three distinct levels exist in the Career Pathway design. Level 1 is relatively informal and offers entry-level leadership roles to a teacher within his or her own building. The Level 1 leadership position is a Building-Level Presenter. Building-Level Presenters offer training and share instructional strategies to colleagues within their building. This happens informally through arrangement with building principals. Level 2 positions include Peer Model Teachers and District-Level Presenters. Peer Model teachers model instructional strategies and techniques for their colleagues throughout the district. District-Level presenters offer training on a variety of subjects, including effective use of technology, to their colleagues throughout the district during staff development time or during after-school sessions. Teachers holding Level 2 positions earn a $1000 stipend for their work. The district is hiring the first Level 2 positions in January. Level 3 positions include instructional strategies, classroom management and content area specialist Coaches. This year has been a training year where potential Coaches are receiving extensive training on how to effectively coach their peers. This spring the district will hire Level 3 positions and the teachers hired will receive a $5000 stipend for this added responsibility.

These Career Pathways allow the district’s best teachers to remain in their teaching positions while providing leadership opportunities and additional compensation.


Jodi Hack
Communications Coordinator/Grant Writer
North Santiam School District

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