Travel to Cuba

OUR OCTOBER 2016 Cuba Trip is now FULL! For additional information about how to book a future visit with to Cuba with Chamber Explorations, which will benefit your local chamber, contact the Stayton Sublimity Chamber, (503) 769-3464. 

The Stayton Sublimity Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Chamber Explorations, is hosting an 8-day cultural exchange to Cuba, this October 2016. We will fly into Miami, and then to Cuba, where we will experience the people, history, and breath-taking natural beauty of the region surrounding Havana & Varadero. Trip is all inclusive to provide: personal guides, deluxe transportation, meals, and travel to Old Havana, Pinal Del Rio, Vinales Valley, Varadera, Mantansas, Revolution Museum, a cigar factory, Earnest Hemingway’s Farm, and more.

Sound Interesting? Proceeds from the trip benefit the Stayton Sublimity Chamber of Commerce and it’s work to promote a thriving business climate that enhances local economic vitality & community livability in the Stayton Sublimity area and beyond. 

Cuba Preview July