What Does the Chamber Do?

What Does the Chamber Do? 


I’ve been here two years now, and people have finally stopped calling me “the new Mary”. I’ve come to love this community and all the Chamber members. It’s like working in Mayberry. We work hard here at fulfilling our mission: To promote a thriving business climate that enhances local economic vitality & community livability.


I’ve learned quite a bit in those two years about what a Chamber does. When people ask me what I do in my position I tell them “everything.” Between Kelly, myself and our volunteers we do an amazing amount of work that often doesn’t get seen.


You read the newsletter every month (at least I hope you do) so you know that I write, edit, research and format everything in the newsletter. Did you know that the newsletter is sent out to representatives from all the Chamber member businesses, posted on our website, sent out in potential member packets and handed out at events? Not counting the times the newsletter is downloaded from the website, it goes out to 250+ people every month.


I also manage the social media. Did you know that you can send me press releases, links, pictures and videos and I will post them to our Facebook page? Our Facebook page has an average weekly reach of 330 people. I also post items to our Pinterest boards. You can find information on: managing your business, what it’s like to live in Stayton and Sublimity, and pictures of all the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our hope is that people will see these boards and think that Stayton and Sublimity sound like great places to live and start a business.


We field a lot of calls. Of course, people call the office looking for a local contractor or retirement community. But they also call for directions to the parks, events going on, and services offered in the area. We do much more than just refer your business to potential clients, we refer the community to potential visitors and residents.


We make connections between the businesses. Through Greeters and Forum Lunch we give you a chance to meet with other business owners and representatives. We also get calls and emails from members asking for marketing help, accounting help, who was that person that said they had a … You name it, we’ve got the answers. And when we don’t, we will find them.


Yes, we plan events. We plan events that: promote local businesses, that bring in visitors (i.e. potential customers), that give members a chance to create a network, that honor our community, and that increase the livability of our community. SummerFest alone can put your business in front of 10,000 people! What else could you do for your business that could bring in 10,000 people in one day?! SummerFest sponsorship gets your name or logo viewed 400,000 times through just the posters and flyers. So when we are processing vendor applications, editing media pieces, hitting the streets putting up posters and flyers, mailing out days worth of emails; it’s all for the job of promoting your business and our community.


We speak to new businesses that open, are thinking about opening, or are thinking about relocating. Even if they do not become a Chamber member, we will refer them to needed business services. We invite them into our community. We tell them about how wonderful it is to live here and do business here. Because more businesses in our community means more jobs, more jobs means that people will want to live here, and all that means more potential customers for your business.


No matter what, we believe that a community worth living and doing business in is a community worth improving.

-Elaina Turpin


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