Covered Bridge Tour

Enjoy our self-guided Covered Bridge Tours throughout Stayton & Scio.

Bridge Tour Map

You begin in Stayton at the Pioneer Park where the rebuilt Jordan Bridge is located.

Jordan Bridge 2

Restrooms and picnic tables are available. Walk to view the Jordan Covered Bridge. Stayton Jordan Covered Bridge (1937-1995) 18 feet X 90 feet. This bridge was patterned after the Jordan Bridge which spanned Thomas Creek, east of Scio, Oregon. It was moved to Pioneer Park in Stayton in 1988, but burned down on December 20, 1994 when Christmas lights ignited the roof. Local citizens constructed the new bridge at the site throughout 1997 and 1998. The new bridge was dedicated in September 1998. It is often used for picnics and weddings.

Hannah covered bridge

Leave Pioneer park and drive down Marion St. to 1st Ave. .4 mile. Turn left on 1st Ave. .7 mile. Turn left onto Kingston-Jordan Dr. 7.5 miles. Keep to right onto Hwy 226. .5 mile. Turn left onto Jordan Rd. .9 mile. Turn right on Camp Morrison Dr. Cross Hanna Covered Bridge. 1.4 miles

“History of Hannah Bridge” Hannah Covered Bridge (1936) 20 feet x 105 feet. This bridge crosses Thomas Creek on Camp Morrison Drive.  Hannah Bridge handles daily automobile crossings and is popular with those who like to swim and fish. It was built featuring exposed trusses and rounded portals.

Shimanek covered bridgeTurn left onto Hwy 226.   2.2 miles. Turn right onto Schimanek Bridge Drive.   2.0 miles. Turn left onto Richardson’s Gap Road and cross Schimanek Covered Bridge.   3.5miles.

“History of Shimanek Bridge” Shimanek Covered Bridge – (1966) 22 feet x 130 feet. It also crosses Thomas creek. It is on Richardson Gap Road. The Shimanek Bridge is the only bridge to have red paint, old style portal design and unique louvered windows and a cedar shake roof.

Larwood covered bridgeTurn left onto Larwood Drive.   4.7 miles. Turn right onto Fish Hatchery Drive and cross the Larwood Covered Bridge.   Fishing and picnic area by the bridge.    6.8 miles

“History of Larwood Bridge” Larwood Covered Bridge – (1939) 20 feet x 103 feet. Built near the confluence or Roaring River and Crabtree Creek on Fish Hatchery Road. A beautiful park, picnic area, and a fine swimming spot surround the Larwood Wayside Park. A water powered wheel that once provided electricity to locals is a reminder of simpler times.


Turn left onto Hwy 226.   .8 miles. Turn right onto Crabtree Drive.   .7 miles. Turn right onto Hungry Hill Drive and cross the Hoffman Covered Bridge.   3.8 miles

“History of Hoffman Bridge” Hoffman Covered Bridge – (1936) 18 feet x 90 feet. This bridge crosses Crabtree creek on Hungry Hill Drive.  Built primarily with hand tools, the upper timbers show adze marks where workers shaped them by hand. Instead of the usual open sides, gothic-style windows grace the Hoffman Bridge.


Turn left onto Hwy 226.   2.5 miles. Turn left onto Gilkey Road.   3.3 miles. Turn right onto Goar Road and cross the Gilkey Covered Bridge. 1.4 miles.

“History of Gilkey Bridge” Gilkey Covered Bridge – (1939) 22 feet x 120 feet. It crosses Thomas Creek and is on Goar Road.  This bridge is a standing reminder of what was once the town of Gilkey. This beauty exhibits open sides and curved portal openings. It is just west of Scio.

Turn right onto Robinson Drive.   2.6 miles. Turn left onto Main Street in Scio.   .2 miles. Turn right onto Stayton-Scio Road.   7.8 miles This returns you back to Stayton on First Avenue. Round Trip Approximately 54 miles.